A Multi-Channel approach to retail and e-commerce

Launch your brand quickly on the most popular e-commerce marketplaces with a team to manage your success. When you’re ready, we’ll help you take the next step to build out your retail and distribution channels.

We help brands build valuable sales channels

Today, brands face the daunting task of learning new systems and juggling product setups on multiple portals. Managing relationships with e-commerce platforms, retailers and distributors isn’t as easy as it looks when you’re busy running the day to day activities of your business.

The team at Selling Partners can bring it all together, helping you grow your business to the level of success you dream about.

We’ve been building relationships with distribution channels, brick & mortar, and e-commerce resellers for 30 years.

Join us, and we’ll become a valuable asset to your business success.

Choose the level of sales support you need

Selling Partners is unique. We have the skills and experience to offer more services than a typical sales rep firm. We can deliver your products to the most popular sales platforms or use our experience and relationships with retail buyers to gain placement of your products on retail shelves. If needed, we can even run your entire North American business operation.

e-Commerce Marketplace

We will support your products with custom, high-quality product listings and dedicated brand stores designed to drive sales on-line. We will work with your team to manage inventory levels and marketing campaigns that bring visibility and customers to your brand.

e-Commerce + Brick & Mortar

In addition to e-Commerce marketplaces, we will pitch your products to national retailers, regionals, and club stores. In addition, we may recommend distribution partners to help you reach B2B resellers.

Full U.S. Sales and Back Office

If your company is located overseas and would like to enter the North American market, we can help you launch your company and your brand in America. Our team handles every task to run your day to day business. No need to hire employees, lease an office, or a warehouse. Selling Partners can do it all, acting as your North American office.

XP+ Outsourced Business Solutions

Selling Partners has thirty years of operational business experience. From sales, help desk, tech support, order management, accounting, collections and more. We have done it all. XP+, a division of Selling Partners, provides specialized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to help you run and grow your business. Selling Partners and the XP+ team are here to help enable your success.